cover image The Mystery Hideout

The Mystery Hideout

Ken Follett. Morrow Junior Books, $12.95 (88pp) ISBN 978-0-688-08721-0

Mick and Izzie must come up with a plan: no one wants the proposed hotel built on the site of the deserted movie studio in West Hinchley. Mick's home would be torn down, and Izzie's father would continue to be out of work. The two boys are exploring the old building when they stumble upon the Disguise Gang, the infamous thieves who have been committing robberies all over London. Courage and quick thinking enable the pair to capture the criminals and help their families at the same time. The author of numerous adult novels, Follet's suspenseful, quick-paced mystery for middle readers contains a detailed, credible plot containing enough facts to challenge, but not baffle, young sleuths. Marchesi's black-and-white illustrations capably highlight the most exciting moments of the boys' adventures. Ages 8-up. (Apr.)