cover image Cat in a Topaz Tango: A Midnight Louie Mystery

Cat in a Topaz Tango: A Midnight Louie Mystery

Carole Nelson Douglas, . . Forge, $24.95 (416pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-1862-6

In Douglas's glitzy 21st Midnight Louie mystery (after 2008's Cat in a Sapphire Slipper ), Temple Barr, Las Vegas PR whiz, goes undercover at a charity dance contest featuring celebrities like Temple's radio star fiancé, Matt Devine, while tomcat sleuth Louie provides backup. The Barbie Doll stalker has been targeting local teen talent, and soon contestants in the dance competition start to suffer “accidents.” Mariah, the teenage daughter of LVPD's Lt. Carmen Molina, goes AWOL to help a friend who's won a place in the contest's junior division. Meanwhile, magician Max Kinsella, Temple's ex-boyfriend, is still recovering from amnesia in Europe while romancing a mysterious blonde. Dance lovers will especially enjoy this installment, which includes an opening summary of Louie's previous outings that even series fans will find useful. (Aug.)