cover image The Vision

The Vision

Heather Graham, . . Mira, $7.99 (411pp) ISBN 978-0-7783-2321-1

In this swift romantic thriller from bestseller Heather Graham, diver Genevieve Wallace becomes embroiled in a mystery after she sees the body of a woman floating 50 feet below the ocean's surface, reaching out with dead hands. Gen is a member of a Florida Keys diving team searching for the wreckage of the Marie Josephine , a 19th-century ship rumored to carry a pirate cache. Gen is the only one to see the body, and fellow diver Thor Thompson doesn't trust her. His reluctance to work with her, however, gives way when their attraction sparks a steamy affair. Thor refuses to believe Gen's sighting until he wakes to find seawater inexplicably soaking into Gen's bedclothes and floor. When a different woman's body washes ashore, and evidence indicates there's a killer on the loose, the paranormal craftily collides with reality, and the meaning behind Gen's vision begins to come into focus. Graham's rich, balanced thriller sizzles with equal parts suspense, romance and the paranormal—all of it nail-biting. (July)