cover image Neon Angel

Neon Angel

Brenda Jackson, Cherie Currie, Neal Schusterman. Price Stern Sloan, $4.95 (176pp) ISBN 978-0-8431-2348-7

Currie powerfully recounts her teenage years in this candid autobiography, chronicling the experiences that destroyed her self-confidence and led her to drug and alcohol abuse. At 15 she became the lead singer for the Runaways, a female rock group. The Runaways soared rapidly to success, but Currie was overwhelmed by the pace and constant travel. As the pressure increased, Currie went from marijuana to Quaaludes; amid family conflicts and quarrels with the Runaways, she eventually became a cocaine addict. At age 17 she left the group to produce a solo album; her drug use continued to escalate, moreso when she learned that her father was dying of alcoholism, and her mother, of cancer. Currie lets readers know that drug abuse destroyed her family, her career and almost her life; she hit rock bottom before realizing that if she didn't get help she would die. This turbulent, frightening story sends mature readers a potent warning against drugs. Ages 12-up. (Aug.)