cover image Pro Creative Photogra

Pro Creative Photogra

Brenda Jackson, Ronald L. McDonald, Ian Bradshaw. HP Books, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-89586-380-5

""Keep it simple,'' top British photojournalist Bradshaw recommends in this appealing guide to taking pictures. Concentrating on mental approach rather than mechanics, the author aims to convert the indifferent amateur into ``a thinking photographer.'' In text and picture spreads consisting largely of his own work, Bradshaw shows how to turn an ordinary scene, object or portrait subject into a memorableand salablephotograph. Correct light use, orderly composition, avoiding the obvious, good timing and good luck are all part of the game. Photos here of top models and famous faces add interest as the author covers landscapes, sport action, glamour, slick merchandise, nature, weddings, babies and so on. Of particular note is a studio portrait series depicting the same model as interpreted individually by ``six creative photographers.'' (March)