cover image Omni Visions One

Omni Visions One

. Omni Books, $10 (193pp) ISBN 978-0-87455-298-0

This small but varied assortment of ten stories will be welcomed by SF fans who haven't already read nine of them in Omni magazine. Joyce Carol Oates contributes the collection's first-run tale about a woman who is disturbed by nightmares of sexual attacks until she realizes that she is not entirely helpless. Octavia E. Butler portrays two people, both afflicted with a terrifying disease that makes its victims self-destructive, who just might find in each other and in their unique gifts ``reasons for staying alive.'' In Harvey Jacobs's quirky love story, artist Herman Horman, whose passion is painting skyscapes, thinks he has found the woman of his dreams--lovely, lonely, wealthy and the owner of a fabulous observatory--until he discovers that her unusual eating plan threatens his favored pastime. J. R. Dunn follows a reporter who, in the near future, views a deserted Air Force base and tries to assimilate his tour guide's outrageous claim that people on earth once launched satellites and missiles. Howard Waldrop skips back to 1929 to imagine what things would have been like if J. Edgar Hoover's turf had been a Federal Radio Agency instead of the FBI. Datlow is Omni 's fiction editor. (Dec.)