cover image The Leftovers

The Leftovers

Tom Perrotta, read by Dennis Boutsikaris. Macmillan Audio, , unabridged, eight CDs, 10.5 hrs., $39.99 ISBN 978-1-4272-1322-8

Having recorded works by everyone from Don DeLillo to Richard North Patterson, Dennis Boutsikaris is the ideal audio jack-of-all-trades for Perrotta’s darkly comic novel of American life after the Rapture. Boutsikaris captures the tender longing of Perrotta’s prose as it harks back to a lost happiness now entirely destroyed by the unexplained disappearance of millions of people, both believers and nonbelievers. Utilizing the mellow timbre of his voice and effective moments of silence, Boutsikaris highlights the disconnection and dissatisfaction at the heart of Perrotta’s novel. Proving to be a superb narrator for Perrotta’s work, Boutsikaris’s quiet excellence is akin to that of the author. A St. Martin’s Press hardcover. (Aug.)