cover image Kiss the Moon

Kiss the Moon

Carla Neggers. Mira Books, $5.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-55166-485-9

A slow start hampers Neggers's latest (after Claim the Crown), but this romantic suspense novel eventually gathers steam as its tantalizing mysteries explode into a thrilling climax. Small-town Cold Spring, N.H., pilot Penelope Chestnut spots what could be a long-lost airplane wreck while walking in the woods one afternoon and stirs up secrets better left alone. Forty-five years before, rich-boy Colt Sinclair and beautiful but poor Frannie Beaudine took off from New York City and disappeared. Now CNN is on the scene as well as the Sinclair family, and Cold Spring is in an uproar, especially since Penelope has second thoughts about disclosing the facts of her sighting. Handsome daredevil Wyatt Sinclair is only one among the many who are suspicious of her, and suddenly Penelope's life is in danger. Neggers has fun with various red herrings while keeping the real secret a surprise to the very last. (Mar.)