cover image Silverheart


Storm Constantine, Michael Moorcock, . . Pyr, $25 (400pp) ISBN 978-1-59102-336-4

Inflated by Constantine (Wraeththu ) from Nebula Award–winner Moorcock's original manuscript, this adjunct to Moorcock's fictional "multiverse" tracks along predictable quest-for-the-icons-to-save-the-world lines. Both the industrial city of Karadur and its separated, underworld twin, Shriltasi, are decaying, and engaging master thief and hero-in-hiding Max Silverskin has six days to unite them so both can survive. Muzzy magic, inane sewer-crawls, posturing rulers and limp villains dilute the message that humanity had better balance reason with magic. To its near disaster, Karadur is ruled by the Lords of Metal—unyielding, stiff and flat. Unfortunately, so is this fantasy novel. Agent, Howard Morhaim. (Sept.)