cover image The Angel Wore Fangs

The Angel Wore Fangs

Sandra Hill. Avon, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-235654-3

In Hill's awkward seventh Deadly Angels paranormal, Viking vampire angels, or Vangels (last seen in Even Vampires Get the Blues), continue fighting terrorism and Satan's Lucipires in the present-day U.S. on behalf of St. Michael the Archangel, all while coincidentally meeting their mates. Cnut, a Vangel and former glutton turned securities expert, meets his when pastry chef Andrea hires him to save her sister, Celie, from a suspected ISIS recruitment cult in Montana. After creating this involved set-up, Hill abandons the plot by lazily reporting that the other Vangels have rescued Celie; she then sends Cnut and Andrea back in time to Cnut's ninth-century Viking estate so that together they can address the local famine that he ignored in his earlier life. Andrea and Cnut hope to return to the present, but they're able to pass the time warming the furs, with the occasional break to fight Lucipires. Though this installment enjoyably reads more like a historical romance than the usual romantic paranormal suspense, the most interesting part is the question of whether Zebulan the Hebrew, a demon who regularly assists the Vangels, will be saved or sacrificed, and readers will have to wait for a later book to learn the answer. (June)