cover image Boundless


R.A. Salvatore. Harper Voyager, $27.99 (400p) ISBN 978-0-06-268863-7

Salvatore’s rip-roaring sequel to Timeless turns away from politics in favor of battles among the clans of insular, underground-dwelling dark elves called drow. Beginning in 1118 of the Dalereckoning calendar, a rivalry involving warrior Zaknafein, the weapon master of House Do’Urden, gives leverage to matriarchs who are trying to elevate the status of their own houses. Zaknafein suspects treachery and must discover its source. Skipping to the year 1488, Zaknafein (who was dead for centuries) has been resurrected and joins his son, Drizzt, as another matriarch attempting to advance her house takes her battle to the surface. As Zaknafein struggles to adjust to Drizzt’s group of friends including elves, dwarves, and humans as well as drow, it’s clear that Salvatore is making a point about the benefits of interracial amity and acceptance, though he doesn’t belabor it. Fans of Salvatore’s earlier Forgotten Realms books may be disappointed that series hero Drizzt is less of a focus here, but will appreciate the faster pace and familiar faces. Magnificently detailed swordplay scenes and gruesome enemies continue to mark Salvatore as a top author of fantasy adventure. Agent: Paul Lucas, Janklow & Nesbit. (Sept.)