cover image Road of the Patriarch

Road of the Patriarch

R. A. Salvatore / Author Wizards of the Coast $27.95 (346p) IS

After aiding King Gareth Dragonsbane by heroically defeating the Witch-King in bestseller Salvatore's Promise of the Witch-King (2005), the human assassin Artemis Entreri and his elven partner in vengeance, Jarlaxle Baenre, face challenges from the evil wizard Knellict, Knellict's Citadel of Assassins and the Dragon sisters in this bloody, brooding sequel. Reluctant to return to his homeland of Menzoberranzan and his netherworld armies, Jarlaxle angles to establish his own kingdom with Artemis in the Bloodstone Land. Meanwhile, Artemis struggles with traumatic childhood memories, feelings awakened by the magical powers of Idalia's flute and his love for the half-elf Lady Calihye, who holds him responsible for the death of her beloved fighting companion, Parissis. King Gareth retaliates against Artemis and Jarlaxle, forcing their exile to Artemis's birthplace, the arid city of Memnon, and precipitating a startling denouement.