cover image Year's Best Science Fiction

Year's Best Science Fiction

. St. Martin's Press, $17.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-312-11104-5

Dozois's ( Geodesic Dreams ) smorgasbord of 23 short stories and novellas has something to satisfy almost every taste. Intriguing characters, creative settings and a certain amount of consciousness-raising are evident in many selections. Cultures clash when an alien settles in Appalachia to try his hand at moonshining in Rebecca Ore's ``Alien Bootlegger.'' In ``Dancing on Air,'' Nancy Kress casts a jaundiced eye at the glamorous world of the performing arts, where ``bioenhanced'' ballet dancers risk more than their careers for a competitive edge. Classic space exploration is vividly portrayed in G. David Nordley's ``Into the Miranda Rift,'' about scientists stranded on a moon of Uranus. In a lighter vein, Pat Cadigan's ``Love Toys of the Gods,'' takes a humorous look at tabloid healines to expose what really happens to humans lucky enough to be beamed aboard those pesky UFOs. Each story is preceded by a short introduction of the author and his or her work. Add to that an honorable-mention list, and readers have a useful jumping-off point should they wish to continue their explorations of an expanding literary universe. (July)