cover image Multiverse: Exploring Poul Anderson’s Worlds

Multiverse: Exploring Poul Anderson’s Worlds

Edited by Greg Bear and Gardner Dozois. Subterranean (, $40 (400p) ISBN 978-1-59606-502-4

SFWA Grand Master Poul Anderson (1926–2001) was a prolific master craftsman whose works spanned the subgenres of speculative fiction and whose awards include an impressive seven Hugos. Editors Dozois and Bear present 17 heartfelt tributes to Anderson, including biographical observations by friends and family, and fiction by respected longtime writers. Anderson’s range was immense, but a few of his universes win multiple homages, leaving equally interesting realms to unjust obscurity. Nancy Kress and Terry Brooks revisit “The Queen of Air and Darkness”; S.M. Stirling and Robert Silverberg explore the Time Patrol; C.J. Cherryh, Greg Benford, and Raymond E. Feist turn to the Terran Empire. Anderson’s whimsical side is largely overlooked, with Eric Flint’s wry “Operation Xibalba” being one of the few nonmelancholy selections. The authors rise to the challenge of honoring Anderson, but the editors come up short, including only two stories by women and no works from contributors under 55. This narrow selection does a disservice to one of SF’s most widely read and readable authors. (Apr.)