cover image When the Great Days Come

When the Great Days Come

Gardner Dozois. Prime (, $24.95 (360p) ISBN 978-1-60701-278-8; $14.95 trade paper ISBN 978-1-60701-230-6

This emotionally moving collection of Dozois's recent writing and a selection of his best earlier pieces%E2%80%94including his two Nebula winners, "The Peacemaker" and "Morning Child"%E2%80%94is a valuable reminder that the renowned Asimov's editor and anthologist also continues, if sporadically, to write significant fiction. Concentrating on the dilemma of how a rational species deals with its irrational urges, Dozois investigates the value and limits of forgiveness ("Dinner Party"), atonement ("Solace"), and religious belief ("Community," "Disciples"). Humans struggle to communicate with alien colonists ("Chains of the Sea"), rebellious computers ("Recidivist"), and animals ("A Cat Horror Story"). What redeems us are empathy ("A Special Kind of Morning") and the evergreen possibilities of life ("A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows"). Dozois demonstrates his range with classic fantasy, alternate history, and golden age%E2%80%93style horror as well as hard SF. (Sept.)