cover image Wicked Angel

Wicked Angel

Julia London / Author Dell Publishing Company $7.99 (384p) ISB

Lauren Hill is about to be married off to the highest bidder once again by her greedy guardian, who is livid that she gave up her late husband's fortune. She tries to stop his matchmaking schemes by going into trade with the local villagers, but her estate is in dire straits and she needs a cash infusion. Lauren's guardian blackmails her into agreeing to spend a season in London and eventually get married. The ton is enchanted with the beautiful Countess Bergen (her official, if empty, title). Lauren, however, is disappointed with the men, especially when she compares them to a certain kind and generous country gentleman she met briefly that summer named Lord Alex Christian. No one is more surprised than she when Christian turns out to be none other than the aloof, influential--and engaged--Duke of Sutherland. Despite his duties and responsibilities, Alex breaks his engagement for his new love. Yet Lauren cannot bear to bring scandal to the man she loves and becomes engaged to another. London (The Devil's Love) fails to enliven an overused plot in this lukewarm Regency. (May)