cover image The Book of Scandal

The Book of Scandal

Julia London, Author . Pocket $6.99 (362p) ISBN 978-1-4165-471

London (Highlander Unbound ) sets this convincing tale of romance and intrigue in the early 1800s, an obscure period of strife in the English monarchy. Nathan Grey, the Earl of Lindsey, lost himself in liquor and debauchery after the death of his infant son, while his wife, Evelyn, abandoned their loving but superficial marriage and began flirting with another peer. Three years later, when Nathan learns that Evelyn could be named in Princess Caroline’s infamous “Book of Scandal,” he kidnaps her from court, pretending they’ve reconciled. Nathan’s attempt to guard the family’s reputation soon blossoms into a genuine desire to rebuild their marriage, but Evelyn resists. Meddling by servants and both sets of parents provides needed backstory and also unites the couple against their “helpful” interference. The only sour note is Nathan’s insistence that Evelyn apologize for adulterous thoughts that pale compared to his unabashed actions. Despite the confusing court scandals, this reunion story is mostly a joy. (Sept.)