cover image Homecoming Ranch

Homecoming Ranch

Julia London. Amazon/Montlake Romance, $12.95 trade paper (394p) ISBN 978-161109

In the first of the Pine River contemporary trilogy from bestseller London (The Year of Living Scandalously), “control freak” Florida realtor Madeline Pruett learns that she and two stepsisters she didn’t know existed have inherited a Colorado ranch from her father, Grant Tyler, a man she never knew. Summoning all her courage, she goes to the ranch to meet Libby and Emma. Denver architect Luke Kendrick and his brother, Leo, grew up on the ranch, but their dad sold it cheaply to Grant to pay for Leo’s medical bills, with a handshake agreement that he could buy it back for the same low price. Luke wants the ranch back; Madeline wants to sell to the highest bidder; Emma wants to return to California; Libby wants to live at the ranch with her sisters. Throw in a family-reunion moneymaking scheme, Luke’s ex-girlfriend, and Madeline’s current boyfriend, and there are plenty of obstacles between Luke, who’s been burned before, and Madeline, who has serious trust issues. Leo, a former football player disabled by seizures, carries the book as the occasional narrator. (Aug.)