cover image Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword of Avalon

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword of Avalon

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana L. Paxson, . . Roc, $24.95 (448pp) ISBN 978-0-451-46292-3

Paxson, Marion Zimmer Bradley's long time coauthor, delivers a gripping Bronze Age tale in this seventh installment of the Avalon series. Long before the events of Bradley's epic Mists of Avalon , young Mikantor, destined to be a king, is kidnapped from Avalon and sold into slavery. Mikantor learns much of leadership after being bought by a blacksmith prince. Evil sorcerer Galid is determined to dominate the land in the rightful ruler's absence, but Anderle, the Lady of Avalon, holds him at bay. Anderle's daughter, Tirilan, loves Mikantor, but believing him lost, she accepts the power—and celibacy—of priestesshood. Paxson's eloquent, strongly visual writing enhances a familiar but compelling story line; fascinating historical detail enhances the tale throughout. Fans of the series will be well pleased with this volume. (Dec.)