cover image Song of the Dragon

Song of the Dragon

Tracy Hickman, DAW, $24.95 (432p) ISBN 9780756406073

In the towering launch of Hickman’s Annals of Drakis high fantasy series, Drakis, a lowly human warrior-slave, is content to fight for the empire of elves as they crush the last dwarf king. However, everything changes when a captured dwarf jester shatters his master’s well of power. Abruptly released from implanted memories, Drakis and his comrades realize to their horror that their beloved masters are in fact cruel tyrants. The dwarf insists that Drakis is the liberating hero foretold in legends, and soon they are all on the run. While word spreads of the rebellion, conspiracies twist and turn as the reluctant Drakis finds that fate has forced him onto a path that may indeed awaken the storied dragons but destroy everything he values. With this volume, bestseller Hickman (The Immortals) creates memorable characters and realms of immense richness, while holding the reader enthralled with exhilarating action. (July)