cover image Bones of the Dragon

Bones of the Dragon

Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis, , read by Stefan Rudnicki. . Macmillan Audio, $59.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4272-0431-8

Authors Weis and Hickman embark on a dragon series very different from their most famous series, DragonLance, and marked by deeper mythological underpinnings, a more realized world and tighter rendition. New gods have come into existence, beating down the gods of the Vindras. As their rising leader, Skylan Ivorson must reclaim the sacred dragon bones and bring his people together, but only if he can overcome his worst enemy: himself. Stefan Rudnicki has a great baritone voice that, while masculine, is effective with voicing female characters. At times, some character voices are not consistent throughout the reading, which causes confusion, but overall, Rudnicki’s command is remarkable. His tone ably creates the atmosphere for raging battles or intimate encounters. A Tor hardcover (Reviews, Nov. 24). (Jan.)