cover image Me and Katie (The Pest)

Me and Katie (The Pest)

Ann Matthews Martin. Holiday House, $13.95 (152pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-0580-0

The sequel to Martin's charming Stage Fright begins with Wendy White wishing she could, just once, be noticed as her young sister Katie always is. Winner of prizes without seeming to try, Katie also is unbeatable at spying and tattling on Wendy. The chance to get away from the pest comes when Wendy takes riding lessons, until Katie joins the class. Does this mean another feather for the smaller girl's crowded cap? Wendy fumes at the thought. She loves horses, and the teacher assures her she is a born rider. If the pest spoils things for her again, Wendy determines to play a really dirty trick on Katie. As Wendy tells the gently humorous and warm story, she proves that even battling siblings can become good friends. Sims's pictures capture the main events perfectly. (912)