cover image Slam Book

Slam Book

Ann Matthews Martin. Holiday House, $12.95 (154pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-0666-1

Anna's slam book really is the ""key'' to popularityit seems as though everyone in her high school wants to contribute to it. No one can resist the chance to write, anonymously, honest reactions to friends and classmates. The trouble begins when Anna's mixed-up friend Paige tries to use the slam book to snare gorgeous Gooz. But Paige's scheme backfires, and Gooz starts going out with Anna instead. Hurt and jealous, Paige lashes out at Anna; in retaliation, Anna uses the slam book to embarrass her former friend. Neither girl realizes, until it's too late, the harm they are doing to a fellow classmate. This forceful novel makes its point quite clearslam books are not fun and games. Although the characterizations of Anna and her friends often seem to center on their psychological problems, the gritty, well-paced plot guarantees that this novel will involve readers from start to finish. Ages 12-up. (October)