cover image Venturi, Rauch, Scott, Brown

Venturi, Rauch, Scott, Brown

Rizzoli, Stanislaus Von Moos. Rizzoli International Publications, $60 (336pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-0743-7

The members of this distinguished Philadelphia architectural firm are noted for their writings as well as their projects, and von Moos, who teaches art history in Switzerland and England, discusses both their theories and designs. Analyzing the Guild Housean early building that expresses many of partner Robert Venturi's ideasthe author maintains that the postmodern approach pioneered by Venturi brings a welcome vitality to structures by making use of traditional elements, wedding high and low art and retreating from the rigidity of early modernist style. He explains Venturi's breakdown of all buildings into two types""ducks'' and ``decorated sheds''and he explores the many continuing experiments of the firm, including Wu Hall at Princeton and the future extension to the National Gallery of Art in London. This title includes over 400 plates. (June)