cover image Mario Campi & Franco Pessina

Mario Campi & Franco Pessina

Rizzoli. Rizzoli International Publications, $27.5 (127pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-0799-4

This is a catalogue of work by a team of Swiss-Italian architects from the Ticino region of Switzerland who are members of a group sometimes referred to as ""La Tendenza,'' which counts Mario Botta as its best-known practitioner. Campi and Pessina's work is not typically modernist in theory or image, i.e., not driven toward change or rupture with the past. Rather, their structures are self-referential and workman-like. Indeed, Campi, who has taught and lectured widely in the U.S., emphasizes the importance of ``the honesty and thoroughness of the work.'' They use traditional forms, both classical and modern, and seek designs that use the site as a point of departure. (The renovation of the Montebello Castle in Bellinzona is a good example of their artful blending of old and new.) Silvetti explores the ways in which Campi and Pessina's approach differs from prevailing architectural schools, and Seligman discusses specific Campi and Pessina projects in detail. Over 200 illustrations, some in color. (September)