cover image Venetian Villas

Venetian Villas

Rizzoli, Michelangelo Muraro. Rizzoli International Publications, $95 (513pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-0762-8

This is a comprehensive, well-organized and highly readable manual by two tax specialists, coauthors of Strassels' Year-Round Tax Savers for Retirement, etc. Geared to the new tax law, it offers readers a systematic plan of budgetary and recordkeeping strategies aimed at their current needs and projected goals. Noting that carefully chosen stocks are sound investments over the long haul, the authors strongly recommend mutual funds (which pool the capital of many investors) particularly when used in an equal-sum, fixed-interval ""dollar cost averaging'' investment program. The benefits of dividend compounding, home ownership, term life insurance, student loans and even ``tax-deductible vacations'' are explained, along with investment vehicles to avoid. First serial to Family Circle and Star; Fortune Book Club main selection; author tour. (February 2)