cover image Century of Modern Sculpture

Century of Modern Sculpture

Rizzoli, Nash. Rizzoli International Publications, $40 (208pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-0800-7

This catalogue not only provides specific examples from the Nashers' well-known collection of modern sculpture but also offers several essays that give an informative, condensed history of the development of modern sculpture. In ""Early Modern Figurative Sculpture,'' editor Nash examines works by Rodin, Picasso, Moore, Giacometti and others. In ``Sculpture in the Constructivist Tradition,'' Nan Rosenthal discusses work arising out of cubism, such as pieces by Duchamp-Villon, Calder, Hepworth, Noguchi, etc. Robert Rosenblum looks at recent work by an electic group, including Oldenburg, Lichtenstein, Beuys, Borofsky and LeWitt. And Elizabeth Frank tells about the Nashers' lives and their collecting principles. These lucid, readable essays add interest to an attractive collection of work. (June)