cover image Women in Design

Women in Design

Rizzoli, Liz McQuiston. Rizzoli International Publications, $25 (144pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-0944-8

Only in the last 10 years have women entered the various fields of design in substantial numbers. This international survey is a celebration of their influence, pioneering and innovation, especially in areas not traditionally associated with females, such as industrial architecture. Forty-three designers, from the U.S., Britain, Italy, Holland, India and Japan, are profiled here, including video and film director Annabel Jankel, co-creator of the character ``Max Headroom''; animator Nina Sabnani, who produced a polemic cartoon, based on ritual Indian paintings, against that country's illegal dowry system; the late Marie Neurath, whose graphic presentation of quantified information was crystal clear; and corporate design manager Jane Priestman, who has undertaken the renovation of the British rail system. McQuiston, a graphic designer, reveals an abundance of diversity and creativity, regardless of the gender issue, that will enlighten readers. The 160 illustrations, 24 in color, are finely reproduced and skillfully displayed, providing a vivid picture of the artists' work. (August)