cover image Mies Reconsidered

Mies Reconsidered

Rizzoli, John Zukowsky, Rizzoli International Publications. Rizzoli International Publications, $27.5 (172pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-0771-0

Here leading contemporary architects reexamine the career of Mies van der Rohe from a rewarding variety of critical stances. Dal Co discusses Mies's notebooks and ideas as well as possible influences on him. Eisenman ""reads'' the Barcelona Pavilion as a text, analyzing the building's elements in a manner often used in architectural criticism today. Tigerman likewise uses textual analysis to look at the accomplishmentsand in some cases lack thereofof Mies's many disciples. Spaeth contributes a biographical essay that focuses on the evolution of Mies's work. Zukowsky, curator of architecture at the Art Institute of Chicago, has included over 200 black-and-white photos, sketches and plans. (November)