cover image Folk Jewelry of Theworld

Folk Jewelry of Theworld

Rizzoli, Daniels, Ger Daniels. Rizzoli International Publications, $60 (200pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-1070-3

Dutch artist Daniels here adopts a refreshingly different approach to folk art: surveying ethnic jewelry of past and present from around the globe, he invokes a delicate vision in over 200 paintings, displaying finery ranging from that adorning an Indian elephant, who lumbers about burdened by necklaces and ankle bracelets, to the blazingly bright, fantastic feather headdresses of Papua New Guinea natives. The painter's attention to those who wear the jewelry offers a sense of cultural context: an Oriental woman bearing a jewelled hairpiece suggests circumspect fragility; a Turkish bride, hidden in heavily embroidered scarlet robes and veils, seems like a cherished but strangely lifeless possession. Daniels supplements portraits of warriors, tribesmen, nobles and peasants with close-up views of their earrings, brooches, finely crafted weapons, and provides for each illustration a textual note explaining what the jewelry is made of and what purpose--social or religious--is served. (Oct.)