cover image Nicobobinus


Terry Jones. Bedrick, $21 (175pp) ISBN 978-0-87226-065-8

A somewhat amusing adventure of two children in search of the Land of Dragons, marred by authorial intrusions and strained humor. Nicobobinus, a small boy in a Monty Pythonesque Venice, is capable of doing anything, or so his best friend Rosie thinks. Their adventures begin when Rosie decides to look for the Land of Dragons. Before they've even left Venice, Nico has had both feet and one hand turned into gold; then he is captured by pirates who want to cut off his golden limbs. Rosie rescues him, but more peculiar adventures are in store as the pirates turn out to be evil monks, and a mysterious ship takes them to the Sea of Mountains. Finally, in the City of Cries, Nico and Rosie discover the dragons that may hold the secret they seek. Uneven and sometimes patronizing, but there are still some funny adventures and some handsome watercolor illustrations. (All ages)