cover image Tales for the Telling: Irish Folk & Fairy Stories

Tales for the Telling: Irish Folk & Fairy Stories

Edna O'Brien. Atheneum Books, $19.95 (127pp) ISBN 978-0-689-31318-9

Foreman's color-rich, vigorous paintings complement the celebrated author's retelling of tales from the lore of her native land. A collection for the entire family fires the imagination with the deeds of ancient heroes and mischief-makers who live again in O'Brien's distinctive narrative style. She accents the comic notes as the giant McConigle threatens to destroy the giant Finn, a titanic clash averted when Finn's cunning wife Oonagh fools the challenger into believing her husband is twice his actual size and thrice stronger. There is a sweet and silly story about nasty fairies who force a young lad to help them kidnap a French princess, another about a brave man who vanquishes all his foes and never falters only to quake with fear when he falls in love, and many more treasures. (All ages)