cover image Princess Me

Princess Me

Karma Wilson, , illus. by Christa Unzner. . S&S/McElderry, $16.99 (28pp) ISBN 978-1-4169-4098-2

The simple joys of pretend play and pint-size romanticism get the royal treatment at the hands of Wilson (Bear Snores On ) and Unzner (Meredith and Her Magical Book of Spells ) in this gentle rhyming fantasy. Dressed in what looks like a mostly handmade outfit, a girl—aka Princess Me—surveys her bedroom kingdom and imagines that her toys are her courtiers, complete with wimples and flowing gowns. With translucent watercolors and a delicate but sure ink line, Unzner conjures up a world that's prettily, proudly girly; her details pay tribute to a vivid imagination. In one spread, the royal subjects happily wait upon Princess Me as she perches on a pillow throne and beams an expression that's the very incarnation of noblesse oblige. As they comb her hair, proffer tea and sweets, and read aloud to the girl, Wilson writes, “A splendid tea is set each day/ and all the royal ladies stay/ to chat the afternoon away/ with clever Princess Me.” Sure, Princess Me can get “cross/ or mad or blue/... just like me and you” but for the most part she represents our better selves: “To all the people in her land/ the princess gives to those she can./ From weakest child to strongest man,/ she serves all faithfully.” Now that's a monarchy worth upholding. Ages 3-7. (Oct.)