cover image Outrage


Robert K. Tanenbaum. S&S/Gallery, $26 (368p) ISBN 978-1-4391-4925-6

Tanenbaum wisely dials back the terrorism themes and wild excesses that have plagued recent entries in this long-running series (Betrayed, etc.) with this straightforward legal thriller. Mild-mannered, mentally challenged Felix Acevedo, who came to New York City from Puerto Rico with his parents as a boy, has been arrested for a double homicide%E2%80%94of a professor's wife and her mother%E2%80%94in the Columbia University Slasher case. Physical evidence points to Felix's involvement, and far worse, he has confessed to the horrific murders. The crimes were in fact committed by a Chechen immigrant who looks Hispanic, methamphetamine junkie Ahmed Kadyrov, but New York City D.A. Roger "Butch" Karp and his department don't know that and are set to prosecute Felix. When Felix's mother persuades Karp's attorney wife, Marlene Ciampi, her son is innocent, Marlene decides to investigate. The final pages of the trial reveal a clever trick that Tanenbaum has neatly played on the reader. (June)