cover image Stalking the Unicorn

Stalking the Unicorn

Mike Resnick, . . Pyr, $15 (280pp) ISBN 978-1-59102-648-8

A far-seeing fantasy author takes advantage of present-day trends to resurrect his supernatural detective story from 1987 as a 2008 trade paperback reprint with a brand-new hardcover sequel.

Stalking the Unicorn Mike Resnick . Pyr , $15 paper (310p) ISBN 978-1-59102-648-8

This enchanting blend of fantasy and hard-boiled detection, back in print after two decades, heralds a new series from prolific multiple-award–winner Resnick, best-known for his Birthright Universe series. On a gloomy New Year’s Eve, recently bereft of wife and partner, down-and-out New York City PI John Justin Mallory is hired by Mürgenstürm, a little green elf who wants Mallory to track down a stolen unicorn. After gradually accepting that his client is not an alcohol-fueled hallucination, Mallory deftly takes on a shadow city of demons, leprechauns and gnomes even as he learns that his own future hinges on the unicorn’s recovery. The crisp dialogue and imaginative setting will have many fantasy readers wanting to revisit Manhattan’s magical side. (Aug.)