cover image Cat on a Cold Tin Roof: An Eli Paxton Mystery

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof: An Eli Paxton Mystery

Mike Resnick. Prometheus Books/Seventh Street, $15.95 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-1-61614-889-8

With no email, GPS, or cell phone, Eli Paxton is, as they say, doin’ it old school in Resnick’s entertaining third mystery featuring the tenacious Cincinnati, Ohio, PI and ex-cop (after 2013’s The Trojan Colt). Jim Simmons, a cop buddy of Eli’s, figures the police can handle the murder of wealthy Malcolm Pepperidge (formerly Big Jim Palanto), “the financial adviser to Chicago’s biggest Mafia family.” But Pepperidge’s widow, according to Jim, wants a private detective to track the victim’s cat, Fluffy, who fled the crime scene wearing a collar studded with diamonds worth millions. When Eli finds Fluffy—sans collar—the grieving widow all but tosses the feline to the hounds. That’s when a little game of cat-and, er, louse gets serious, with the involvement of Bolivian drug lords. Good times ensue for fans of Cincinnati or old-school PI yarns or both. [em]Agent: Eleanor Wood, Spectrum Literary Agency. (Aug.) [/em]