cover image BoneMan's Daughters

BoneMan's Daughters

Ted Dekker, . . Hachette/Center Street, $24.99 (401pp) ISBN 978-1-59995-195-9

Bestseller Dekker (Chosen ) introduces a serial killer with an unusual MO—he breaks all the bones in his female victims' bodies while leaving the skin perfectly intact. Two years after Austin, Tex., authorities catch the person they think is the BoneMan, they begin to realize they've got the wrong guy. The real murderer, Alvin Finch, who hasn't killed anyone during those two years, is getting restless and decides to take up his old trade. Meanwhile, Cmdr. Ryan Evans, an intelligence officer in Iraq, is captured by insurgents who torture him; they replicate the BoneMan's crimes using young children and make him watch. Ryan escapes and returns to Texas, where his teenage daughter is abducted. Accused of being the BoneMan, he's captured by police, escapes and eventually, as all readers know he must, joins in battle against Finch. Those with an insatiable appetite for thrillers about creepy, sadistic killers of young women should be satisfied. (Apr.)