cover image Water Walker

Water Walker

Ted Dekker. Worthy, $14.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-6179-5274-6

Dekker delivers a thrilling story of redemption and forgiveness in the second book in his Outlaw Chronicles series. Alice Ringwald is 13 years old when she’s kidnapped from her foster family and returned to the biological mother she never knew. Suffering from amnesia, Alice has no memory of her life six months before the abduction. She lives in seclusion with her mother, stepfather, and brother and learns her name is Eden; her mother believes she is the prodigal daughter returned to offer the family salvation. Eden’s hope for a normal life is shattered as her devoutly religious mother makes peculiar demands. Eden would run away if it weren’t for her younger brother Bobby, who suffers from an intellectual disability and about whom she feels fiercely protective. When Eden turns 18, her mother’s extreme behavior devolves into something more dangerous, and the enigmatic Outlaw arrives to offer Eden a way out of her broken life. With pulse-ratcheting suspense, Dekker skillfully weaves tension, symbolism, and faith into the story. Fans of YA and Christian fiction readers will find Dekker’s newest a fast-paced and satisfying read. Agency: Creative Trust. (Mar. 18) ■