cover image Gingerbread Book

Gingerbread Book

Rizzoli, Steven Stellingwerf. Rizzoli International Publications, $22.95 (128pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-1414-5

Where's the Christmas celebrant who hasn't harbored thoughts of cooking up an edible cottage? In this beautifully illustrated book, sugarcraftsman and teacher Stellingwerf tells readers how to create a number of apparently exquisite gingerbread constructions. He knows his territory. The author provides explicit directions for fabricating everything from gingerbread cookies lavished with icing to elegant windowed edifices--even a carousel with gingerbread horses. These inventions are undoubtedly labor-intensive, but good guidance and template illustrations make even the fanciest methodical and comprehensible. In addition, Stellingwerf offers a history of gingerbread and a recipe credited to Mary Washington, mother of George. Those new to gingerbread construction can start out with the simpler cookies, then work their way up. The experienced will be challenged to create edible baskets, country churches and small gazebos. (Dec.)