cover image The Worrywarts

The Worrywarts

Pamela Duncan Edwards. HarperCollins Publishers, $15.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-06-028150-2

As they did in Some Smug Slug, Edwards and Cole here use alliteration to lighthearted and humorous effect. On a ""warm Wednesday morning,"" Wombat, Weasel and Woodchuck contemplate all the terrible misadventures that could befall them while preparing for a ""wander into the world."" There is a predictable rhythm to the story, in which each character, in turn, experiences that ""Wait! What if..."" feeling and is offered comfort and assurance by the other two companions. When Weasel worries what will happen if they are swept into the wilderness by a whirlwind while being chased by a wolf, Woodchuck wisely decides to wear his woolly underwear if it's going to be windy. Yet, it is, in fact, each character who ultimately faces his or her own fear and saves the entourage from any impending danger. Cole's childlike colored pencil drawings portray even the scariest of scenes in a wholly whimsical way to keep even the wimpiest of worrywarts from worrying. Ages 4-6. (Oct.)