cover image Let's Go! Piggety Pig

Let's Go! Piggety Pig

Harriet Ziefert. Little Brown and Company, $2.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-316-98760-8

Let's Go! is a book about opposites; Piggety Pig and a mouse go to the beach. However, the pictures of ""loud'' and ``soft'' (pig with a big radio, mouse with a little one) doesn't convey anything about volume. ``No More!'' the mouse tells Piggety Pig after he's consumed fruit in a book about color; the fruits that show different colors get lost in the detailed drawings, and the blueberries and the purple plums are almost the same shade. From Morning 'Til Night describes a day with the pig, revealing more about Piggety Pig's day than about time in general. He digs in the morning, hides later in the day, and never takes a bite of food until eveningnot a schedule most kids can relate to. Listen! is the strongest idea, featuring animal noises, but overall, these books don't put across their concepts very strongly. (1-4