cover image Wee G.

Wee G.

Harriet Ziefert. Atheneum Books, $15 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-689-81064-0

Expressionistic dabs of pale pink, minty aqua-green and buttercup yellow lend a quirky charm to this otherwise formulaic tale. The uncomplicated plot follows a day in the life of Wee G., a pert white kitten with bright chartreuse eyes: ""Early every morning she jumps out of bed, takes a quick drink of milk and... runs out to play."" But Wee G. is as much child as cat: she sleeps in a twin bed, tilts her bowl of milk to her mouth and wears a rose-colored union suit (with a hole for her slender tail). As the day passes, Wee G. strays from her tulip-covered lawn into the fern-filled, pine-green forest, where she becomes lost; after a fearful moment, when she stands with her back arched and tail puffed, Wee G. finds the path home, has a dinner of sardines and takes a bath. Ziefert (A New Coat for Anna) narrates in simple statements: "" `I was scared,' says Wee G. `But now I'm happy.' Good night, Wee G."" Debut illustrator Saaf's compositions, which demonstrate a folk-art aesthetic and a fondness for dense yet creamy colors, have a contemporary appeal. Despite the lively artwork, however, the story may be too mild to make a lasting impression. Ages 2-6. (Apr.)