cover image Lights on Broadway: A Theatrical Tour from A to Z

Lights on Broadway: A Theatrical Tour from A to Z

Harriet Ziefert, with Brian Stokes Mitchell, illus. by Elliot Kreloff. . Blue Apple, $19.99 (48pp) ISBN 978-1-934706-68-8

Tony Award–winning actor Mitchell’s fittingly dramatic introduction ushers readers into the world of Broadway, inviting them to “be ignited by the incredible collaborative magic that gives life and light to the theater.” The theme of collaboration recurs throughout this alphabetical roundup of theatrical terms—A is for actor, O is for orchestra, U is for understudy—which spotlights the many roles that play a part in mounting a stage production. Other entries (improvisation, lights, rehearsal) address techniques or mechanics of the theater. Quotations from celebrated actors, producers, and other figures from the theater world (among them Nathan Lane, Billy Crudup, and Idina Menzel) add sparkle and insight to these busy pages, but there are also humdrum bits (“Every member of the audience needs a ticket in order to enter the theater and see the show”). Kreloff’s neon illustrations incorporate a range of display type and cartoon styles, and evoke the dazzle and buzz of Broadway. A CD featuring Mitchell singing an adaptation of “I Was Here” is included. Ages 8–up. (Nov.)