cover image Happy Easter, Grandma!

Happy Easter, Grandma!

Harriet Ziefert. HarperCollins Publishers, $4.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-694-00225-2

In these two delightful books, a young rabbit is trying to decide what he can give to his grandparents. In Happy Easter, Grandma!, Rabbit asks a hummingbird, a robin, a sparrow and several other birds if they lay Easter eggs. When they all say no, he decides to ask the chickens. They give him the biggest, whitest and smoothest egg they have. Rabbit takes it home, paints it and gives it to his grandmother. In Happy Birthday, Grandpa!, Rabbit asks each of the farm animals if he can have one of their babies. They, too, tell him no. Finally, Rabbit goes to the toolshed, finds a packet of seeds and a watering can, and picks some orange and yellow flowers, all of which he gives to his grandpa. Both texts are similar in format, yet Ziefert's reassuring stories are warm and individual. The primary-color illustrations by Levitt reflect the simplicity and directness of the texts. Ages 1-4. (February)