cover image Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss

Carly Phillips, Author . HQN $7.99 (378p) ISBN 978-0-373-77239

The latest contemporary romance from bestseller Phillips is a warm, sexy whodunit featuring powerhouse lawyers Molly Gifford and Daniel Hunter, who, despite success in the courtroom, are still plagued by abandonment issues: years in foster care have left Daniel scarred, while Molly’s boarding school experiences have left her desperate for a real family. After weathering another stunning disappointment from her mom, Molly leaves to track down her long-lost father, rejecting her smitten friend Daniel’s heartfelt attempts to help. But just as Molly settles down with her father and a promising new family, her father is accused of murdering his best friend and business partner. Despite the hurt she’s caused him, Molly successfully pleads with Daniel to join her on the case. Residing under the same roof—and the watchful, caring eyes of her new family—Molly and Daniel surrender to passion even as the case for the defense grows increasingly bleak. Phillips’s quirky cast is delightful, especially an outspoken grandma (known as Commander) and a potty-mouthed macaw; meanwhile, the romance generates sufficient heat and the pieces of the mystery fall together to satisfying effect. (Oct.)