cover image Saints Astray

Saints Astray

Jacqueline Carey. Grand Central, $14.99 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-0-446-57142-5

Carey follows 2009’s Santa Olivia with another lively tale of postpandemic America. Loup Garron is a wild young woman with a mean right hook and modified genes, courtesy of her AWOL supersoldier father. She and her girlfriend, Pilar Ecchevarria, have finally escaped from the walled village where they grew up, but life’s still dangerous when you’re not technically human and thus lack human rights. Loup and Pilar work as bodyguards in exchange for decent paychecks and false identities. They’re safe but sidelined with no real way to help Loup’s fellow GMPs or their friends back home. When a famous rock band uses Loup as part of its image, she sees a chance to swing popular opinion to her side and make a stand for her people. Loup and Pilar’s sweet, genuine relationship will draw in new readers and satisfy returning fans. (Nov.)