cover image Poison Fruit

Poison Fruit

Jacqueline Carey. Roc, $26.95 (448p) ISBN 978-0-451-46531-3

Though some whimsy still comes through in the final book of Carey’s Agent of Hel suburban fantasy trilogy (after Autumn Bones), a darker, wintertime mood pervades the intimate story. A persuasive demonic lawyer begins to purchase large pieces of tiny Pemkowet, Mich., in the service of an unknown power, leading Daisy Johannsen to wonder whether she should claim her half-demonic heritage, an act that would give her more power to defend Pemkowet but might destroy the world. As eldritch advisor to the town police and liaison to the goddess who lives underneath the town, Daisy also confronts the unpleasant backlash of Pemkowet’s encouragement of supernatural tourism. On the personal front, she debates the relative benefits of two possible romantic relationships. Fans of the lighter parts of Carey’s world will enjoy the continued influence of the town’s quirky coven and the introduction of beer-swigging bogle Skrrzzzt, while those more interested in Daisy’s personal arcs will be happy with the emotionally satisfying closure to the series. (Oct.)