cover image Ravishing in Red

Ravishing in Red

Madeline Hunter, Jove, $9.99 (368p) ISBN 9780515147544

The latest from veteran Regency romance writer Hunter (Provocative in Pearls) begins a new series with the brave Audrianna Kelmsleigh who, while attempting to exonerate her father's death, ends up drawn to one of his persecutors, handsome Lord Sebastian Summerhays, after they're both lured to a Brighton inn by the same mysterious advertisement. When Audrianna momentarily lets down her guard for a kiss with Lord Sebastian, a mysterious figure known as Domino appears; after shots are fired, the escalating controversy further threatens Audrianna's family's name. Hunt pays little attention to period custom and language, apparently more concerned with future storylines-taking special care to introduce Audriana's three beautiful friends and Summerhays's matching trio (an injured brother and two handsome friends). It should be no surprise, then, that the novel is most enjoyable in its leads' moments of passion. (Mar.)