cover image THE SINNER


Madeline Hunter, . . Bantam, $5.99 (400pp) ISBN 978-0-553-58592-6

Another devastatingly sexy Dueling Society member must face the sins of his past in order to win the heart of a strong-willed, incomparable woman in this post–Regency-era romance from Hunter (The Charmer , etc.). When notorious lover Dante Duclairc accidentally shoots lovely Fleur Monley in her "rear nether region" as she flees her stepfather's plans to control her fortune and future, Dante gives up his own plan to escape his outstanding debts in order to rescue Fleur. Her stepfather is only delayed, however, not defeated. In order to protect herself from him, Fleur offers Dante a proposal: In exchange for a "white marriage" (one without physical intimacy) and Dante's promise not to interfere with her finances, she'll pay off his debts. But even blackmailers, double-dealing and whispers of his new wife's strange behavior cannot quell Dante's determination to have Fleur accept him in her bed and in her heart. Packed with sensuality and foreboding undertones, this book boasts rich historical details and characters possessing unusual depth and vitality, traits that propel it beyond the standard historical romance fare. (Dec . 30 )