cover image States of Grace: A Novel of Saint-Germain

States of Grace: A Novel of Saint-Germain

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, . . Tor, $25.95 (332pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-1390-4

In Yarbro's rewarding 18th Saint-Germain novel (after 2004's Dark of the Sun ), religious conflict makes life dangerous for almost everyone in 1530 Europe, but publishing is a particularly hazardous undertaking. The agents of the doge are spying on Conte di Santo-Germano (as he's known in Venezia), due to his foreignness and role as a publisher. When the count travels from Italy to the Spanish Netherlands to protect his interests there, he leaves behind his lover, Pier-Ariana Salier, a talented musician and composer, confident that his vast wealth will provide for her; however, an embezzler, a clever spy who discovers Saint-Germain's true nature, has other ideas. Subtle intrigue plus details of daily life, publishing and music will keep fans turning the pages. Agent, Irene Kraas. (Sept.)